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Health Reform Regulations

What Are Outcome-Based Wellness Incentives?

Many employers are using wellness programs to improve employee health and healthcare costs. Read here for an overview of outcome-based wellness incentives and how they could help you.

Final Reinsurance Program Tax ("The Belly Button Tax")

The Transitional Reinsurance Program tax is required under the PPACA for 2014, 2015, and 2016. Read here for details and how it could affect you.

Wellness Trends

Experts Recommend Against "Preventive" Stroke Screenings

Read here for information on preventative stroke screenings and how they could potentially cause more health problems than they prevent.

What You Need to Know About Probiotics

Read here for information on "Good" versus "Bad" bacteria and how your body might actually require more bacteria than you have.

HR Best Practices

Why HR Needs to Care About Employee Engagement

Read here for ways to increase employee production while also decreasing turnover.

New Research: Employers Shifting Benefits

Despite the fact organizations are facing rising health care costs, many employers are directing more of their financial resources toward wellness and health benefits, according to new research.


White Papers


How Businesses Benefit When Employees Take Time Off

Organizations thrive when their employees are happy and energized, and even if they love their jobs, time away can help recharge their batteries. Read here for details.




What are your thoughts on the growing number of sites offering online advice and information from doctors?


Is your company currently on track for this year's open enrollment?


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